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The Cast Iron Skillet

Posted by jennifer on  December 16, 2021
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Category: Dream Home
Ok get out your Kleenex ladies…You’ve been warned.  Each time we start a new OklaHome I ask the family to choose a name for their home. That way we can make a unique # for friends and family to follow the story online.  The stories behind those names are always so special. Here’s what I received today… “We chose the name for our build because we have learned that latest and greatest is not always

Outstanding in the Field

Posted by jennifer on  September 5, 2021
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Category: Travel
Three years ago I sat in my backyard reading a magazine glossing over the recipes and farmhouse designed kitchens when a small article in a corner of a page caught my eye. “Outstanding in the Field – a traveling Farm to Table Experience”. I cut that article out, tucked it away in a box I keep in my bedroom for dreams – a bucket list of sorts – of places I want to see and

How to choose a name for your OklaHome

Posted by jennifer on  May 9, 2021
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Category: Dream Home
At OklaHome we don’t just build houses, we build dreams.  It’ll never get old hearing clients tell us that they’ve spent years and years dreaming of their new home.  They’ve stayed up late at night scrolling through Pinterest, they’ve visited our model homes at the Parade of Homes year after year and they’ve finally found that special piece of land with the amazing view that they’ve been searching and saving for for years.  This will

Nashville, TN – The Music City

Posted by jennifer on  May 6, 2021
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Category: Travel
April 23, 2021 Our daughter had a horse show competition in Tennessee over the weekend so we decided to fly down  early to take in a fun day in Nashville.  We’d never visited “Music City” before and wanted to get in as much as we could in one short day – a little culture a little cuisine and of course some honky tonk!  With 2 kids (our 9 year old daughter + a friend) I

Vaca in Florida’s 30A

Posted by jennifer on  February 21, 2021
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We aren’t what I’d call “beach” people, but our family does like to vacation in unique spots with good food and scenery.  This summer we wanted to take our 9 year old daughter “CB” to experience a real swimming beach for the first time so we tried out Destin, Florida.  The water was beautiful and food was pretty good but overall it wasn’t quite our scene.  Mega hotels with thousands of people, miles of cheap