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Taking the Baths T Romantic weekend or family fun with something for everyone – Hot Springs AR is known as “Spa City” for the historic Victorian public bath houses built from the 1880s up to the1920’s. Since the Native Americans started visiting for the peaceful, healing waters visitors have flocked to the city for multiple homeopathic benefits of the underground natural hot springs. The bathhouses such as the Quapaw, Fordyce, and Buckstaff tapped into the

Vacation in Hot Springs, AR

Posted by jennifer on  June 13, 2022
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What is a bath house and is it creepy? I have to admit the concept of a bath house freaked me out at first.  I imagined a Romanesque giant steamy tub filled with hedonistic weirdos – pretty much a giant orgy party (as if I had any idea what one of those would look like).  So when my relatively new boyfriend suggested we go and said he’d been going for years, I took a step

Demo day isn’t as romantic as it sounds

Posted by jennifer on  June 12, 2022
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14 1/2 years ago Fazoli’s was our place to meet for dinner. Calzone & pepperoni pizza. Craig’s hair was solid black. My face didn’t have as many stress lines as it does now. We were engaged and wanted to pay for (most of) the wedding ourselves. We flipped a 2 bedroom house in (the modest section of) Nichols Hills right around the corner from Fazoli’s. I had romantic HGTV expectations of DIY couple-demo tile, painting

The day I threw it all away

Posted by jennifer on  April 21, 2022
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On this day 6 years ago I left a job I loved to live a dream I’d always had. I walked away from a steady paycheck, health insurance, 401k and mentors who taught me so many things for which I could never repay. I jumped in to @oklahomehomebuilders full time with Craig. He was probably more nervous about it than I was but he never let on. I knew that CB would be starting school

The most horrible thing my brother ever did to me.

Posted by jennifer on  April 9, 2022
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I’d say it was about 1986.  I would have been 8.  That’s when my brother did the most notoriously diabolic maneuver any sibling could ever afflict onto another sibling.  And it was genius. Every birthday our grandparents gave us money.  As a kid that was the most exciting, hope filled feeling – getting to buy whatever you wanted!  The possibilities were endless, mainly because when you’re 8 you really don’t really have any concept of

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