Gilmore Girl Vibes

If you’ve always dreamed of living in Gilmore Girls’ fictional town Stars Hollow where neighbors gather at the Town Cinema for movie night you’ll love Hot Springs’ Pocket Theatre. With plays like Annie, The Christmas Story and Steel Magnolia locals are encouraged to try out as actors all year round. We were honored to attend The Music Man production which had the largest cast they’ve ever had on stage -around 60 with over 40 making their first debut. There was a feeling that most of the audience were friends or family members of the actors, all excited for the big night that thanks to COVID was two years coming.

The musical was wonderfully charming with talented actors. We ate popcorn from the concession stand and loved every minute. The best part though was the surprise rendition of Oh Brother Where Art Though complete with impromptu happy dancing by the men in the group.
Watch their page to see if a production is scheduled and if you’re lucky enough – go and bring the whole family!

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