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OklaHome Real Estate Buyers Guide How to Buy a Home Whether you’re eagerly buying your very first home, upgrading to a larger dream home on a little land or starting your real estate investment empire, the process of buying any home can feel daunting. If you take it step-by-step, keep a level head and follow the lead of the OklaHome real estate team, top OKC Realtor group of professionals you’ll be flying into closing with

This isn’t a house.

Posted by jennifer on  January 17, 2023
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This isn’t a house. This is “We’ve waited 10 years to finally do this. Our land truly is God’s promise.” This is “When we are tired, stressed or just need a fun day, we come out here.” This is “Let me give you the grand tour!” This is “I can’t wait to sit right here with my coffee and stare out this window at my beautiful trees” This is “We designed this wall specifically to

New Year’s Ah Ha!

Posted by jennifer on  December 26, 2022
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Year-to-year goal setting journals (cute ones!) Every year during this week between Christmas & New Years I love to spend time making new goals. Problem is with the holiday rush I never think about it until that week & have nothing prepared. Therefore I have a paper file folder on top of a shelf with random pieces of paper I’ve saved over the years. I’ve driven to Barnes & Noble, Target, etc but never find

Heart warming at Walmart

Posted by jennifer on  December 24, 2022
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You know what job I think would be one of the hardest at Christmastime? The return department at Walmart. That’s what. Standing on your feet all day, long lines of always-grumpy people. That’s why last night’s experience at Walmart Edmond – W Danforth Rd_IG at Santa Fe & DANFORTH really shook me. I was in a grumpy mood too. 8pm, hungry, 35 degrees outside, on my final of like 100 errands…I was having a pity
If you’ve always dreamed of living in Gilmore Girls’ fictional town Stars Hollow where neighbors gather at the Town Cinema for movie night you’ll love Hot Springs’ Pocket Theatre. With plays like Annie, The Christmas Story and Steel Magnolia locals are encouraged to try out as actors all year round. We were honored to attend The Music Man production which had the largest cast they’ve ever had on stage -around 60 with over 40 making