The Cast Iron Skillet

Ok get out your Kleenex ladies…You’ve been warned. 

Each time we start a new OklaHome I ask the family to choose a name for their home. That way we can make a unique # for friends and family to follow the story online. 

The stories behind those names are always so special. Here’s what I received today…

“We chose the name for our build because we have learned that latest and greatest is not always best. It’s the tried and true cast iron skillet that makes the best steak, the old one that your grandpa used. It speaks to our timeless style and love of functional form. The rigid nature of cast iron matches the strength of our core philosophies and foundational beliefs. The creek that feeds the pond is shaped by nature, performs its duty, and is willing to change with the water. This speaks to our flexibility and ability to grow to accomplish our goals and serve our purpose. We want our family to know who they are and to hold this as strong as cast iron, but learn to adapt like the creek. So we will know our home as Cast Iron Creek.”

Follow along #CastIronCreek for future photos!

For help naming your own home here’s an article I wrote about it one time. Maybe it’ll help.