Nice to meet you. Charmed I’m sure.

Hi I’m Jen. I live in Edmond, Oklahoma and run a homebuilding business with my husband Craig. He grew up on a farm in a tiny Oklahoma town called Stroud and although I too grew up in a pretty small town in Oklahoma, I’ve always loved big cities and have lived in a few in my life. Craig loves everything John Deere and has collected tractors (real and miniature) since he was tiny. I moved to San Francisco and then New England after college and worked as a wedding planner for a yacht charter company. Today when people meet us they often seem to think that we look like a mismatched couple. When we got married my mom told me “you’re weird, he’s weird but you guys are just weird together.” Once someone just told me “you’re kinda like Green Acres” and it just stuck. Today we’ve been married for over 12 years and have an awesome kid named Autumn (although we call her Cranberry). We own a company together called OklaHome. Craig builds beautiful new custom homes. I run a team of Realtors. For over 20 years we’ve each poured ourselves into this industry and city and believe me we can talk forever about it.