Auto University

Auto University August 11, 2013 I’ve never been much of a reader.  Mainly because reading always makes me sleepy.  Also because I have a 2 year old, a work-aholic husband (guilty myself) and a super busy schedule – none of which love to see me sit quietly and peacefully alone for more than a few minutes.  A few years ago, though I was driving down the highway toggling through the same 3 radio stations and […]

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I Hate You, Mornings.

In an effort of self improvement, I forced myself to listen to a new book called “What the Most Successful People do in the Mornings” by Laura Vanderkam.  My first confession of many will be that I downloaded it almost a year ago from iTunes and mentally rolled my eyes everytime I searched for a new book to read and skipped over it in my iTunes library.  “That doesn’t sound like fun at all”.  “I’m

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