Amber’s Lighting & Home Accessories

Yesterday we checked out @amberslighting showroom and WOW! We were blown away! There’s just SO MUCH to see – It’s amazing!Watch this short video and then go visit yourself! Nothing sets the mood of your home like the light fixtures right? That’s why we love the personal service that @amberslighting provides.

Goodbye #Steelridge

Closing day is always a bittersweet day. It feels like what I expect sending your child off to college feels like. You’re so proud to have been a part of getting her to this point but you’re also sad not to see her everyday too. #Steelridge has been our beloved Texas Hill Country model OklaHome for a year now. She won tons of awards in the Parade of Homes and she has inspired many new …

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Dead Peoples’ Stuff

The Parade of Homes is right around the corner (Sept. 19-27) and we just had an exciting day touring throughDead People Stuff “Architectural Antiques + Design” to select a few special pieces for #BellaManor, our Parade Home!Watch this video to take a look inside the store and see some of the treasures Check out the video on YouTube

Charmed I’m sure…

I’ve never blogged before…well not really.  “They” say I should have a theme – a reason for writing but really I’m at a loss. Words have just always been in my heart and whenever God reveals life lessons to me my heart just wants to share those lessons with others.  It helps the wisdom stick with me and whether any one else reads the posts or not, the lessons I’ve learned are at least documented …

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Green Acres is the Place to Be….

If you’re familiar with the rerun sitcom Green Acres that aired from 1965-1971 then you also remember a simpler time when families stuck together, no matter their differences and worked hard to make their dream come true. Eddie Albert played Oliver Wendell Douglas, a New York City attorney and Eva “ZaZa” Gabor played his high-maintenance glitz-and-glamour wife, Lisa Douglas. When Oliver decided to leave the rat-race of city life he bought a small farm in …

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