Green Acres is the Place to Be….

Oliver and Lisa Douglas in Green Acres

If you’re familiar with the rerun sitcom Green Acres that aired from 1965-1971 then you also remember a simpler time when families stuck together, no matter their differences and worked hard to make their dream come true. Eddie Albert played Oliver Wendell Douglas, a New York City attorney and Eva “ZaZa” Gabor played his high-maintenance glitz-and-glamour wife, Lisa Douglas. When Oliver decided to leave the rat-race of city life he bought a small farm in a rural town site-unseen and told his socialite wife “Farm living is the life for me.” Lisa followed him but insisted on wearing her gowns and pearls everywhere on the farm, causing barrels of laughter not fitting in.

Craig grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. His favorite times were spent with his Papa on the tractor in fields on the farm. Although I didn’t grow up in a big city I did hop off to San Francisco, CA immediately after college and worked there and in New England as a high-end wedding planner for several years. After awhile I started missing Oklahoma and bommeranged back home.

 We each had childhood dreams of running a family business and fast-forward a few years we’re living that life now.

OklaHome started with a country farm boy and a big city aspiring girl who had a dream and knew it was special. Some say we are kind of like Green Acres. Together our juxtaposition of personalities marries a unique style of our own. Once we started building homes after the devastation of the 2013 tornado in Moore, OK we seem to have hit a niche with a unique style that is uniquely us.

As a couple our personalities couldn’t be more different than Oliver and Lisa Douglas. On date nights I’m pretty sure people seeing the way we’re dressed and assume we’re on an awkward miss-matched blind date. As partners however we make a great team just doing life and running a business together and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Watch this video to see the rest of the story and behind-the-scenes of OklaHome.

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