Day 3 of Thankfulness:

One of the greatest reasons I love living in Oklahoma is our deep-set seasons.  All four of them.  Seasons are one of God’s greatest gifts and provide such a rich metaphor for life.  I get totally giddy every couple of months at the change of a new season.  Each one brings new outlooks on life, new activities and new holidays.  Summer offers longer days, a feeling of youth and health.  Fall is the reaping of the sewn seeds with rewards of beauty in the changing leaves, cozy sweaters and time with family at holidays.  Winter is magical celebrations and glamour marks the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.  Darker skies and snow slow down the world and quiet it a bit.  Spring is a fresh awakening;  a warming of the bones and smiling sunshine in the face.  It’s energizing. 

Seasons remind me that life is ever-changing and that God is in control of it.  The weather brought on by seasons always gives us something to prepare for, look forward to or buckle down and get through.  Will Rogers once said “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait 5 minutes and it will change.”  Isn’t that exciting?  I want to live in a place that is always on its toes.  Surprising me.  I want to be a person that welcomes change.  That relentlessly pursues growth and challenge. 

When I look back on my life biography I want there to be many chapters.  But I want each one to be a step to the next with the story being authored by God (not by me).  I want God’s story to be about the creation and growth of the person He wants me to become and how He molded me through the seasons of my life.  The youthful, carefree ones, the harvesting, thankful ones, the joyful, quiet ones and the refreshed growing ones. 

Thank you God for seasons.

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